Maryland State Boychoir & T-Mobile Cell Tower

The Board of Directors of Mayfield Improvement Association hosted representatives to explain the project, asked many questions that residents may want to have answered and generally gleaned information on timing, other pending approvals, such as Commission on Historic and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) and improved performance for cell phones nearby. According to the Mayfield Zoning Variance Policy, the proposal is open for comment or questions until July 19. You can find the zoning variance policy on the Revised Zoning News page of this website.  Here is the relevant excerpt:

  1. The Board of Directors will post on the Mayfield Improvement Association website (, or blog, distribute through the list-serve, include in any regularly scheduled neighborhood publication, and make available on request to any member of the Association the project description. The Board will solicit comments until the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
  2. At the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, the Board of Directors will review any correspondence received and entertain comment from the General Membership, whether by mail, electronic or voice message, or in person.
  3. The Board of Directors, after reviewing all correspondence and comment shall either A) offer a letter of support to the project; B) send a letter of opposition to BMZA; or C) refer the matter to a Special Meeting of the General Membership.
  4. In the event a property owner does not present the proposed zoning variance to the Board of Directors for review, the Board of Director will oppose the variance request at the BMZA hearing.

T-Mobile Description of the project:

T-Mobile is proposing to install a four (4) sector antenna array atop of the bell tower located at 2320 Mayfield Ave., Baltimore, MD 21213. The initial install will include eight (8) antennas, one (1) microwave dish and auxiliary equipment and cabling. The installation will be placed within a stealth enclosure that will be designed to match the material of the bell tower. The top of the enclosure will extend approximately 14’ above the existing parapet wall of the tower.

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