2021 Youth Scholar Community Vision Prize


Youth Community Vision Prize

Open to 6th – 8th grades Middle School and

9th – 12th grade High School of students living

in Mayfield or going to a school in Mayfield


Eligible Youth are middle or high school students that live in Mayfield or go to a school that is in Mayfield, including St. Francis of Assisi and Montebello Middle School. Entrants are invited to submit their ideas to the Mayfield Improvement Association for consideration.


Answer the question “If I were the Mayor of my Neighborhood, I would propose…………………” (in order to make the neighborhood an even better place to live).

Submit an essay, poem, or an artistic representation (such as a video, spoken word essay, photo essay or power-point or drawing/painting of some kind) that addresses the theme question.

Up to 2 awards of $250 each may be made. Judges may agree that the project presented by the youth is both viable and needed. In that case, there may be additional funds to help cover the expenses of implementing the idea.

Award Criteria:

The content of the submission is not about what the student has done in past academic or past volunteer efforts. It is instead a forward-thinking proposal for a community improvement that the student believes would make his or her neighborhood an even better place to live.

Judges are looking for the authentic voice of the student and the student’s assessment of what he or she sees as a ‘better’ way to involve community in a project. It could be about undertaking a beautification effort, improving physical condition of the community, increasing neighbor to neighbor cooperation toward some goal or service, adding a feature to the neighborhood events, or something else the student sees as an opportunity to make their neighborhood an even better place to live.


Decision of the Judges Announced

Prizes will be announced and awarded at Mayfield’s 56 Annual Block Party on September 2021. Attendees will be able to see the submissions received that same day. They will be on display or available to review at the Mayfield table.

How and when to submit:

View or download entry form cover sheet

Entries are due on June 27th at 6 p.m. and may be emailed or printed and hand-delivered or provided on a flash drive with file called Youth Prize and student’s name. You may deliver this to: 2410 Mayfield Avenue, if it is on a flash drive or in hard copy.

Include in the envelope a completed Application Cover Sheet. Or email it to . File size limitations apply. See details on entry form for more instructions. Emailed submissions should be marked in the subject line Youth Prize Entry.