Revised Zoning News

The Mayfield Improvement Association (MIA) Board of Directors’ published guidelines for community review of projects requiring a zoning variance in the Mayfield News letter which was distributed to the General Membership in June and August 2005. The Board requested and received comments on these operating guidelines from several members of the Association.

Based on these comments, at the September Board of Directors meeting, the proposed operational guidelines were revised. The Board of Directors voted to present the revised guidelines to the General Membership for discussion at the October 2005 meeting and to solicit comment for one month thereafter. During the November meeting the Board of Directors voted on the adoption of these procedural guidelines.

The revised guidelines are as follows:

  1. A property owner whose projects require a zoning variance from Board of Municipal Zoning Appeals (BMZA) should contact the MIA president a minimum of one week prior to a regularly scheduled Board meeting (third Thursday of the month) for inclusion on the agenda.
  2. It shall be the responsibility of the petitioning property owner to notify their contiguous neighbors, either in writing or in person, and provide each with a written description of the project and variance requested or a plat or drawing clearly detailing the proposed improvements and requested variance.
  3. The property owner will be given an opportunity to present the project to the Board. The property owner should at minimum present a written description of the project and variance requested in an electronic format, if possible and/or a plat or drawing clearly detailing the proposed improvements and requested variance.
  4. The Board of Directors will post on the Mayfield Improvement Association website (, distribute through the list-serve, include in any regularly scheduled neighborhood publication, and make available on request to any member of the Association the project description. The Board will solicit comments until the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
  5. At the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, the Board of Directors will review any correspondence received and entertain comment from the General Membership, whether by mail, electronic or voice message, or in person.
  6. The Board of Directors, after reviewing all correspondence and comment shall either A) offer a letter of support to the project; B) send a letter of opposition to BMZA; or C) refer the matter to a Special Meeting of the General Membership.
  7. In the event a property owner does not present the proposed zoning variance to the Board of Directors for review, the Board of Director will oppose the variance request at the BMZA hearing.